Typical Case Design
220kV Substation in Cuba 132kV Substation in Yemen 550kV Substation Design
35kV Substation Design

It is recommended to install two main transformers. The capacity of a single main transformer is 5000kVA. 3150kVA, 8000kVA, and 10000kVA are optional. There are 2 to 4 outgoing circuits for the 35kV substation and 12 outgoing circuits for the 10kV substation. Capacitive reactive power compensation capacity is 20% to 30% of the main transformer capacity.

330kV Substation Design

There are three basic modules, which are 330kV power distribution unit area, main transformer and low voltage reactive power compensation device area, as well as 110kV power distribution unit area. These three functional areas are both independent and correlative.

Other Design Cases