Testing Equipment

Testing Hall
Our testing hall is 60m×48m×38m in size and it adopts the epoxy self-leveling floor. With a six-sided shielding structure, the influence of electromagnetic interference on partial discharge test and radio interference test is effectively avoided. In this testing hall, tests on transformer products with the voltage level of 1000kV and the capacity of 1000MVA can be performed.

Main Testing Equipment
1. 4800 kV/720 kJ impulse voltage generator (with air cushion traveling mechanism)
2. 2000 kVA/500 kV power frequency test
3. 160000 kVA/1050kV test transformer 4. 500000kvar capacitor tower
5. 30000kVA/50Hz Generator set
6. 7500kVA/200Hz Variable frequency generator set

There are also high-precision measuring equipment, including imported WT3000 power analyzer, four-channel digital partial discharge tester, precision voltage and current transformers, transformer oil test equipment, etc.