Service and Technical Support

1. Pre-sales Service
Samples are provided, but the freight is assumed by the customers.

2. Service in Sales
The product will be delivered within 90 days after we receive the advance payment.

3. OEM service is available for some products.

Service and Technical Support Work Processes

1. Customer satisfaction monitoring time
a. Within one year after project acceptance and handover
b. Once each quarter during the construction period
c. When customers take the initiative to complain, we will analyze and process the problem in a timely manner. If necessary, report to the superiors.

2. Determine the monitored object
Any unit that exerts or may exert influence on the customers, such as the construction unit, receiving units, supervision units, quality supervision departments, and other relevant units.

3. Monitoring indicators
3.1 After the sales
Product quality, product technology, quality of service, quality of personnel, etc.

3.2 During the construction
Construction quality, construction progress, environmental management, occupational health and safety management, civil construction, etc.

3.3 After completion of construction
Project quality, problems arising from the use, timeliness of responding to customer feedback, effectiveness of maintenance work, environmental protection and safety performance of the engineering products

4. Determine the way, time, and frequency of monitoring
4.1 Determine the monitoring method
Common monitoring methods include:
a. Questionnaire
b. Telephone
c. Face to face conversation
d. Other ways that can help us understand customer satisfaction

4.2 Determine the monitoring time and frequency
At the following times, customer satisfaction should be determined
a. During construction
b. After completion of the unit project
c. After completion of the project
d. When there is a serious compliant from the customer
e. When there are significant changes in the project
f. During the construction process, we will maintain regular monitoring of customer satisfaction and the monitoring frequency is as follows. Carry out sample surveys according to the project progress. After project acceptance, conduct a survey to all relevant parties.

5. Implement customer satisfaction monitoring
According to the pre-determined monitoring manner, time, and frequency, start from the indicators customers care and obtain the information from relevant parties.