Production Equipment

German Georg Cross-Cutting Line
We have introduced a TBA1000×5000 iron core cross-cutting line from German Georg company. The process from feeding to stacking is controlled by computers. The cutting speed can reach 216m/min with the angle error no more than 0.005 degree and the burr no more than 0.02mm, so this advanced equipment can meet the requirements of cutting various transformer iron cores.

Qiyuan Iron Core Slitting Line
We have adopted the XBJ1-12/10 NC silicon steel slitting line from Xi'an Qiyuan Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. This equipment uses PLC controlled tensile shear process and the shear rate is adjustable by changing frequency. Winding and unwinding are driven hydraulically.
Shear burr ≤ 0.02mm
Unilateral nonstraightness ≤ 0.2mm/2m
Cutting width error ≤ ±0.1mm
Shear rate: 0-120m/min

Large Vapor Phase Drying Furnace
We have bought two 400kW kerosene vapor phase drying furnaces with the size of 10m×5m×5.5m from Shenyang Youbang Vacuum Equipment Company. To ensure cleanliness, pipes in the kerosene system are all made of stainless steel. The vacuum pump adopted is imported from Germany and the ultimate vacuum can be less than 20Pa. Due to the drying is conducted under anaerobic condition, the drying temperature can reach 120℃ or higher. Coupled with a high degree of vacuum, the drying result is excellent.

The drying furnace is equipped with an imported constant pressure device and the pressure can be set at will. A constant pressure can be kept in the coil drying process, which greatly improves the transformer coil's ability to withstand short circuit. In addition, there is an automatic fuel injection device inside the furnace. After the completion of coil drying, this injection device can automatically spray transformer oil to the surface of the coil, so as to prevent the coil absorbing moisture again when it comes out of the furnace.

Coil Press
Main technical parameters of the YJZ-300Z1 coil press produced by Chongqing Jiangdong Machinery Company are listed below.
1. Nominal pressure: 3000 kN
2. Cylinder stroke: 500 mm
3. Opening height: 2300~4400 mm
4. Trolley upper surface size: 2900×2900
5. Load capacity: 40 t
6. Pressing speed: 0.5~2 mm/s
After a specific pressure is set, this machine will automatically increase and hold the pressure. In the pressurization process, the cylinder stroke is slow and smooth, causing no impact to the coil.

300-ton Air Cushion Vehicle
The finished product is transported from the workshop to the testing hall by the 300-ton air cushion vehicle imported from American AeroGo company.