Design Department

The design consulting division is divided into two branches with a total of 25 persons, among which 11 have senior professional titles and 18 have intermediate titles. With the Level C qualification for engineering design, we can be engaged in the reconnaissance, planning, design, and consulting work of transmission and distribution projects. We have participated in the design of dozens of new and modified transmission and distribution projects in Jordan, Pakistan, Yemen, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, and other countries and regions.

Relying on the group company's strong strength in manufacturing complete sets of power transmission and distribution equipment as well as combining the design experience in power transmission project with the voltage level of 220kV or below, we are able to offer pre-project planning and design as well as sound construction design.

Marketing Department

Most of our marketing staff are proficient in English, and we also have employees who have mastered French, Spanish, Russian, and other languages.

We have opened up the market in many countries, including Iran, Sudan, Yemen, Nepal, Turkey, Algeria, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nigeria, Mongolia, Pakistan, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, and so on.

Exhibition Hall

In our exhibition hall, product samples and company certificates are displayed. We also entertain customers here.