Development Milestone

1. In December 1980, Tai'an County High Voltage Switchgear Factory and Tai'an County Machine Tool Electric Factory merged to form the Tai'an County Electric Switch Factory.

2. In July 1983, Tai'an County Electric Switch Factory was renamed Tai'an City High Voltage Switchgear Factory.

3. In 1984, we successfully developed the DW2-35 oil circuit breaker.

4. In January 1985, we developed the 35KV SF6 circuit breaker and initiated the joint design of SF6 switchgear in China.

5. In 1986, we introduced the GW-35 series outdoor high voltage disconnector technology.

6. In 1987, GW14-35 outdoor high voltage disconnect was tested and evaluated.

7. In 1988, the first branch of Tai'an High Voltage Switchgear Factory was set up.

8. In 1989, we started developing SF6 circuit breaker with the rated voltage of 110KV and less. Meanwhile, technological transformation project was started.

9. In 1990, our LW8-35 SF6 circuit breaker was assessed as an ideal replacement for oil circuit breaker by East China Petroleum Authority and Tai'an High Voltage Switchgear Factory was rated as the designated supplier of LW8-35 SF6 circuit breaker.

10. In 1991, 6KV SF6 contactor was developed.

11. In 1993, our LW8-35 SF6 circuit breaker was awarded a certificate of National Scientific and Technological Achievements by the National Science and Technology Commission. The certificate number is 011255.

12. In 1994, several technology development projects were approved, including ZN-35 vacuum circuit breaker, ZNK7-6/400-10 indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, KVB100-GA mine explosion-proof compensator, high voltage switch cabinet, XGN-10 metal-enclosed switchgear, and ZN-10 vacuum switch.

13. In 1995, we started developing GIS, circuit breaker with the rated voltage of 220KV and more, outdoor high voltage transformer, as well as automation products.

14. In 1996, our LW10-126 outdoor high voltage SF6 circuit breaker was rated as a National New Product.

15. In 1997, the Ministry of Machinery Industry issued an Outdoor SF6 Circuit Breaker Approval Certificate to our factory.

16. In June 1997, Tai'an High Voltage Switchgear Group was established.

17. In 1999, we started using the brand of Luneng Taishan. In addition, we purchased 300 houses and the right to housing was sold to our employees.

18. In March 2000, our ZF10-126 GIS successfully passed all tests in The DNV KEMA Laboratories of the Netherlands.

19. In 2001, we were rated as a Key Hi-tech Enterprise.

20. In 2002, our ZF10-126 GIS was included into the National Torch Program and we were reconstructed to build the Shandong Taikai Electric Co., Ltd. in December this year.

21. In April 2003, TAIKAI was rated as a Hi-tech Enterprise and TAIKAI trademark was named Famous Trademark in Shandong Province in December.

22. In April 2004, we were renamed Taikai Electric Group.

23. In August 2007, the 765KV vehicle-mounted standard voltage transformer was put into use.

24. In May 2008, our first 252KV intelligent GIS was officially put into operation.

25. In October 2008, TAIKAI trademark was awarded China Well-Known Trademark. Meanwhile, our 1000KV standard voltage transformer was successfully developed and put into use.

26. In December 2009, TAIKAI trademark was successfully registered in Russia and the world's first ultra-high voltage capacitor voltage transformer, GCVT-1000, was successfully developed.

27. In October 2010, TAIKAI trademark was successfully registered in the US.

28. In February 2011, our 1100KV UHV AC disconnector passed all type tests and TAIKAI became the first manufacturer that passed the type test of this voltage level in the world.

29. In November 2011, our 1100KV UHV AC disconnector was put into use in currently the only one 1000KV UHV transmission line in China.

30. In October and November 2012, TAIKAI 515KV and 816KV high voltage DC disconnectors passed the type tests.