Electrical Equipment

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    1. ReactorThe CKGKL dry type air-core reactor is connected in series with the high voltage shunt capacitor bank to achieve the purposes of suppressing gird voltage waveform distortion, controlling the harmonic components flowing through the capacitor bank, and limiting the inrush current produced when the capacitor bank is switched on.
    1. 40.5kV High Voltage SwitchgearOur high voltage switchgear conforms to the national standard of GB3906-1991 and the international standard of IEC298. Its protection class reaches IP2X and it has outstanding blocking functions.
    1. Power CableConductive core (800mm2; below 800mm2: tightening circle, above 800mm2: cutting structure)
      Shielding layer of the conductor (including semi-conductive tape layer): XLPE insulated layer
      Longitudinal water-proof buffering layer
    1. Change-over and Transfer SwitchesIt can provide bottom loads and cables with short circuit and overload protection. It is often applied in the low voltage terminal distribution systems in the civilian area, industrial area, construction field, and other fields.