Prefabricated Substation

The prefabricated substation is a kind of compact indoor or outdoor power distribution equipment that integrates high voltage switchgear, distribution transformer, and low voltage distribution unit. These three devices are arranged according to some wiring mode and are placed in a steel box which is rustproof, dustproof, mouse-proof, moisture-proof, fireproof, anti-theft, heat-insulating, totally closed, and moveable.

As new complete sets of power distribution equipment replacing the conventional power distribution room or station, the prefabricated substation is suitable for use in mines, oilfields, wind power stations, and various factories. It is particularly applicable to urban network construction and transformation.

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    1. 12kV Prefabricated Substation for Wind-power GenerationThe XBW-40.5 12kV prefabricated substation is a reasonable solution provided by our company according to the special requirements of wind power generation. With rational design, our product has longer service life and better energy-saving performance. Our company has provided thousands of substation equipment for many wind farms, obtaining rich engineering experience.
    1. Compact SubstationThe ZGS-12 compact substation, also called American type substation, is a piece of power equipment combining transformer, switchgear, plug-in fuse, backup fuse, tap switch, and corresponding auxiliary devices. It is widely used to supply power to residual areas, business centers, industrial and mining enterprises, and others.
    1. FZB Prefabricated SubstationAs a good replacement for power distribution room and pole-mounted transformer, the FZB prefabricated substation is extensively used in urban network construction. It is widely applied in a lot of places, such as mines, oilfields, road intersections, living quarters, industrial parks, commercial centers