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40.5~126KV COMPASS Hybrid Switchgear

1. Product Overview
The 40.5~126KV COMPASS hybrid switchgear uses air as the external insulation medium and the SF6 gas as the arc-extinguishing medium. Developed by our company in 2003, it has obtained national patent and the patent number is ZL03 2 14418.0. It complies with the standards of GB1984-2003, GB11032-89, GB1985-2004, IEC62271-100: 2001, IEC99-4, IEC62271-102:2002, and IEC60694:2002.

This composite apparatus is applicable to the control and protection of three-phase AC transmission and distribution systems with the rated voltage of 35~126KV. Also, it can be used for connecting circuit breakers and switching capacitor banks. It is suitable for use in urban substations, enterprise substations, and mountainous substations.

2. Working Conditions
Installation site Indoor or outdoor
Altitude ≤2000m
Ambient temperature -30℃~+40℃(-40℃~+40℃ for special order)
Relative humidity (25℃) Daily average ≤95%
Monthly average ≤90%
Wind speed ≤35m/s
Pollution class
Bushing creepage distance >1450mm
Nominal creepage distance >31mm/kV
Seismic intensity ≤Mercalli VIII
Ice thickness ≤10mm
No combustibles, explosives, chemical corrosion, or severe vibration

3. Features
a. This hybrid switchgear has a compact structure. Multiple devices or components, including the circuit breaker, disconnector, earthing switch, current transformer, SF6 voltage transformer, lightning arrester, busbar, etc., are orderly combined on the grounding steel bracket.
b. The product only occupies 30% to 50% of the space that is taken up by the separate devices, so using this product can save land and reduce construction cost.
c. The whole compartment is fabricated in the factory. Assembly and commissioning are completed before leaving factory. Then, the whole compartment is transported to the installation site. This significantly shortens installation period.
d. Adopting high-performance arc chute, SF6 voltage transformer, composite insulator, and surge arrester, our product has high reliability and needs almost no maintenance.
e. The compartment can be equipped with the self-supporting busbar prefabricated in the factory. No steel frame or insulator is needed.
f. Our COMPASS hybrid switchgear can be arranged flexibly. It adapts to various wiring methods.

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