Instrument Transformer

The instrument transformer is a device which transforms voltage or current in proportion. Its main function is to transform high voltage or current into standard low voltage (100V) or current (5A or 1A, rated value) proportionally, so as to realize measurement, equipment protection, as well as the standardization and miniaturization of automatic control equipment. In addition, this device can also be used to isolate high voltage systems to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

Related Names
Power Converter | Voltage Adapter | Isolation Transformer

    1. 35~220KV SF6 Voltage TransformerThe JDQXF-35~220 series of voltage transformer is used in a power system for voltage measurement, electric power metering, and relay protection. Conforming to the standard of GB1207-2006 "electromagnetic voltage transformer", it is a patented product developed independently by our company and the patent number is ZL 2008 2 0233230.2.
    1. Combined Current/Voltage TransformerThe kilowatt-hour meter box consists of either one active power meter and one reactive power meter or a multi-functional kilowatt-hour meter achieving the function of far infrared reading. SF6 gas is adopted for the main insulation, and the external insulation adopts high-strength porcelain insulator and silastic compound insulating bushing.
    1. 35~220KV Oil Immersed Current TransformerOur 35~220KV oil immersed current transformer has a fully enclosed structure and it adopts oil paper compound insulation for the main insulation. It is composed of the primary winding, main body, expander, conservator, insulator, pedestal, and the secondary terminal box.
    1. 35~550KV SF6 Current TransformerThe keys to safe operation of high-voltage electrical products are whether the insulation structure is reasonable, whether the field distribution is uniform, and whether the high and low voltage electrode shape meet the requirements of the electric field distribution. After the calculation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional field distribution as well as optimal design, our SF6 current transformer has extremely high safety performance.
    1. 35~220KV Capacitor Voltage TransformerOur 35~220KV capacitor voltage transformer has good transient response characteristics and the residual voltage is less than 5% of the initial value. This is superior to current national standards.
      The lightning arrester at the high voltage side of the intermediate transformer is removed. This improves product operation reliability and reduces the maintenance workload.
    1. Compound Surge ArresterWhen overvoltage occurs in the system, the non-linear metal-oxide varistors present low resistance. They absorb the over-voltage energy and make the latter reduce in magnitude greatly, thus protecting the power transmission equipment. When the system runs normally, the non-linear metal-oxide varistors present high resistance
    1. AC Metal Oxide Lightning ArresterThe AC metal oxide lightning arrester is an important device used to protect power systems from over-voltage damage. It uses the metal oxide varistor, which has excellent nonlinear volt-ampere and steep wave response characteristics, as the main component.
    1. Vertical Oil Immersed Current TransformerThis vertical oil immersed current transformer is made up of the primary body, expander, oil conservator, primary conducting rod, porcelain bushing, mounting barrel, and oil tank.
      The body consists of primary winding and secondary winding. The primary winding is U-shaped and the primary conductor is semicircular aluminum tube or paper covered flat copper wire.