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126/145KV Three Phase Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)

1. Product Overview
By virtue of years of experience in producing gas insulated switchgear (GIS) and by using advanced GIS design concepts at home and abroad, our company has developed this new generation of compact 35~550Kv GIS. This product is suitable for use in power system with the rated frequency of AC 50 or 60 Hz and rated voltage of 120kV.

Our 126/145KV three phase gas insulated switchgear (GIS) conforms to the national standard GB7674-2008 and international standard IEC60517-1990. The product type tests are completed in the authoritative domestic test station - Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute. The tests of all components are performed by adopting the high-level parameter values specified in the standards of DL, GB, and IEC.

In addition to reasonable design, advanced technology, compact structure, and high reliability, our 126/145KV three phase gas insulated switchgear (GIS) has smaller volume, better stability, stronger corrosion resistance, and shorter installation period than traditional products. It is an ideal choice for the power system.

2. Service Conditions
Ambient temperature -30℃~+40℃
Altitude 1000m (No limitation for special order)
Humidity (25℃) Relative humidity at average per day: ≤95%
Relative humidity at average per month: ≤90%
Wind speed ≤ 35m/s (wind pressure ≤700Pa)
Sunlight intensity 1000W/m2 (at wind velocity of 0.5m/s)
Icing thickness ≤10mm
Seismic intensity Horizontal acceleration: ≤0.4g
Vertical acceleration: ≤0.2g
(g, the acceleration of gravity, is 9.8m/s2)
Specific Creepage distance 25mm/kV (pollution class III), 31mm/kV (class IV)
Installation site Indoor or outdoor
Keep the product away from places with combustible, explosive, corrosive materials and violent vibrations.

3. Main Features
a. The three-phase main busbars of our 126/145KV three phase gas insulated switchgear (GIS) share one enclosure while all other components are placed in three different compartments. With this structure, our product has a simple and beautiful appearance, and it enjoys reduced eddy current loss.
b. The minimum bay width is 0.8m and the standard bay occupies 2.9m2, which is in the international advanced level and the domestic leading level.
c. With modular design, our product is able to adapt to various substation layout ways as well as subsequent expansion or renovation.
d. Many kinds of wiring methods, such as sectionalized single-bus configuration, bridge connection, double-bus configuration, etc., can be selected according to the requirements of the users.
e. The circuit breaker adopted by our gas insulated switchgear uses self-energy type arc extinguishing with the principle of thermal expansion plus compressing air to help blow. Simple in structure and reliable in performance, it has high breaking capacity and short arcing time. The total breaking time is 2 cycles and the breaking times at full capacity is 20.
The circuit breaker is equipped with the CT26 spring operating mechanism. Meeting no-oil requirement, this operating mechanism has simple and compact structure and high reliability. It needs little maintenance and its mechanical life is up to 10,000 times.
f. With the aluminum alloy housing, our gas insulated switchgear is light in weight. And it has strong corrosion resistance and low eddy current loss.
g. Excluding the lead-out bushings and part of the connection buses, three bays can be transported as a whole in one time. This significantly reduces installation workload and shortens installation period.
h. Our product can be installed in indoor or outdoor areas. With the radio interference level lower than 500μV, it can be installed near the urban areas.
i. Our gas insulated switchgear can be used in regions with adverse environmental conditions, like high altitude, serious pollution, frequent earthquake, etc. It can also be applied in downtown areas with the shortage of land and in mountainous areas where earth rock excavation is difficult.
j. According to different secondary control type, GIS can be divided into two categories: intelligentized GIS with digital control technology as well as typical GIS with routine control and supervising technology.

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