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GW4 High Voltage Disconnector

1. Product Overview
a. The GW4III series high voltage disconnector is used for switching high voltage lines under no load as well as for electric isolation of electrical equipment, such as circuit breaker, from charged high voltage lines. It conforms to the GB1985 and IEC62271-102 standard.
b. Composed of the base, insulators, and the conductive parts, our product includes three monopoles and each monopole has a Π type double-column structure. Each monopole contains two post insulators. The two insulators are respectively mounted on the bearing seats at the two ends of the base, and they are connected by cross connecting rod. The conductive knife switch has left and right contacts which are fixed on the post insulators respectively. When the operating mechanism acts, it drives one post insulator to rotate by 90° and the other insulator rotates by 90° in the opposite direction due to link drive. Therefore, the knife switch is opened or closed. During tripping, a clear and noticeable horizontal isolating fracture is formed between the two contacts. Our GW4III disconnect switch can be used in conjunction with the JW7 series earthing switch, and a mechanical interlock is set between the two switches.
c. The GW4III disconnector is designed with three monopoles and three-pole linkage operation can be achieved through the connecting rods between the monopoles. The main switch and the earthing switch are both equipped with the improved CS17IV manual operating mechanism. But for the GW252-III type disconnector, the main switch is equipped with the CJTK improved electric mechanism and the earthing switch is equipped with the CSTK improved manual mechanism. Both the main switch and the earthing switch can be equipped with the CJTK improved electric mechanism as per user request.

2. Product Classification
a. Divided by voltage level: 40.5kV, 72.5 kV, 126 kV, 145 kV, 252 kV, 363 kV, 550 kV, 800 kV,1100 kV, 5000 kV, 8000 kV;
b. Divided by current level: 630A,1250A, 1600A, 2000A, 2500A,3150A, 4000A;
c. Divided by whether there is a grounding switch: Not grounded, left grounded, right grounded, double grounded

3. Service and Installation Conditions
Altitude ≤2500m
Ambient temperature -40℃~+40℃
Largest wind velocity 34m/s
Seismic intensity horizontal acceleration 0.250g
Vertical acceleration 0.125g
Ice thickness ≤10 mm
Pollution class III, There should be no inflammable, explosive, corrosive materials or violent vibration in the mounting site.

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