Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The vacuum circuit breaker is commonly known as the frame-type circuit breaker. Its main function is to cut off a large current. Its working principle is pure mechanical deformation causing micro switch to act. When the pressure increases, the pressure sensing components, such as diaphragm, bellows, and piston, are deformed. They will move upwards, pass through railing spring and other mechanical structures, and finally start the top micro switch to output electric signal. The setting modes of mechanical pressure switch are all continuous displacement type from the function aspect. A single point can be set and at most three different set points can be reached.

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    1. VTK-12KV Indoor Vacuum Generator Circuit BreakerOur product has passed a full set of type tests in strict accordance with the GB/T 14824 -1993 "General Technical Conditions of the Generator Breaker" in Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute;
      It is equipped with a domestic arc chute with high cost-performance;
    1. VTK-15KV Indoor Vacuum Generator Circuit BreakerThe dual outgoing lines and dual soft connection conductive parts perfectly resolve the heat issues caused by the long-term operation under high current.
      Adopting hanging installation, our product can be easily installed in the fixed type or withdrawable type switch cabinet.
    1. VTK-24KV Indoor Vacuum Generator Circuit BreakerThe primary conducting loop adopts solid insulation structure. With the advanced epoxy solid seal technology, the arc chute, conducting loop, and insulating support are organically combined into an integrated embedded pole. This successfully solves the environmental resistance
    1. VTK-40.5KV Indoor Vacuum Generator Circuit BreakerThe withdrawable type circuit breaking device adopts a screw propulsion mechanism which is labor saving, stable and has good self-locking property. It can be installed in the KYN61 switch cabinet.
      The fixed type circuit breaking device can be used in conjunction with the XGN switch cubicle.
    1. ZW17-40.5KV Outdoor Vacuum Circuit BreakerZW17-40.5KV outdoor vacuum circuit breaker is a three-phase AC 50Hz or 60 Hz high-voltage electrical apparatus with the rated voltage of 40.5 KV. It is used for closing and opening the load current, over-load current, and short-circuit current. It is particularly suitable for use in occasions requiring frequent operations.