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VTK-15KV Indoor Vacuum Generator Circuit Breaker

The VTK-15KV indoor vacuum generator circuit breaker is independently developed by our company. Installed between generator and transformer, it is used for controlling and protecting the generator. It simplifies the switchover program for station power and facilitates genset debugging and maintenance. It has been widely used in the thermal power plant, hydropower plant, nuclear power plant, and other new stations or the reformed old power stations. It can also be used for controlling and protecting switches equipment in large-scale substations as well as high-load electro-industrial and mining enterprises.

Our VTK-15KV indoor vacuum generator circuit breaker conforms to GB/T11022-1999, GB311.1-1997, JB3855-1996, JB/T8738-1999 and DL/T427-2000.

1. Features
a. This product is the first successfully developed VTK-15KV indoor high voltage vacuum generator circuit breaker in China.
b. It has passed a full set of type test in Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute in full accordance with GB/T14824-1993 "GCB General Technical Conditions".
c. A domestic cost-effective arc chute is adopted.
d. The reasonably designed spring operating mechanism adopted by our product has complete functions and high reliability, and it needs little maintenance. e. Our circuit breaker has high breaking capacity, high closing stability, as well as high dynamic and thermal stability.
f. The main loop adopted two insulators with claw type support, which can ensure that the circuit breaker has extremely high mechanical strength as well as dynamic and thermal stability. The adoption of equalizing ring makes the electric field distribution more uniform.
g. The dual outgoing lines and dual soft connection conductive parts perfectly resolve the heat issues caused by the long-term operation under high current.
h. Adopting hanging installation, our product can be easily installed in the fixed type or withdrawable type switch cabinet.

2. Dimensions
3. Service and Installation Conditions
Ambient temperature -10℃~+40℃ (storage and transportation under -35℃ are allowable)
Altitude ≤2500m
Relative humidity Daily average: ≤95%, 25℃
Monthly average: ≤90%
Saturated vapor pressure Daily average: ≤2.2×10MPa
Monthly average: ≤1.8×10MPa
Condensation is likely to form when the temperature decreases suddenly in high
humidity period.
Wind pressure ≤ 700Pa
Icing thickness 10mm
Seismic intensity VIII, Mercalli
No flammable substances, explosion, chemical corrosion and severe vibration

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