AC Contactor

The AC contactor is widely used to break and control circuits. Its main contact is used to open and close the circuit and its auxiliary contacts are used to execute control commands. The main contact is generally normally open one while the auxiliary contacts are often two pairs of contacts with normally open and normally close functions. Small contactors are often used as the intermediate relay to support the main circuit.

The contact is made of silver tungsten alloy. It has excellent conductivity and high-temperature ablation resistance.

Related Names
Electrical Contactor | Low Voltage Contactor | Isolation Contactor

    1. CJX2 AC ContactorThe CJX2 AC contactor is mainly used for making and breaking the circuit in the power systems with the rated frequency of AC 50Hz or 60 Hz, the rated insulation voltage of 690V, and the rated working current up to 620A. It can work together with the thermal overload relay to protect the circuit with overload risks.