Electrical Equipment Cable

The electrical equipment cable is the most widely used and most varied, for example, the wires used to transmit electricity from the distribution point of the power system to various electrical equipment and the wires used in various industrial, agricultural, industrial and mining enterprises for equipment installation and signal control.

Related Names
Assembled Cables | Heavy Duty Wiring | Armored Electrical Cable

    1. PVC Insulated CableCoiled length of 100m, length in disc not less than 100 meters
      Product with the length not less than 10 meters is allowed to deliver. The number of such product in each order should not exceed 5 and the overall length should not exceed 10% of the total length of delivery
      Depending on the agreement of the two sides, delivery of any length is allowed
    1. Plastic Insulated Control CableOur plastic insulated control cable is produced in accordance with the GBP330-88 "Plastic Insulated Control Wire" standard. This standard is formulated with reference to the IEC2277.5-79. The XLPE insulated product conforms to the standard of GB12706.1-2002 "Extruded Insulation