Var Compensation Device

Power quality improvement covers a wide range, including reactive power compensation, harmonic wave inhibition, voltage fluctuation and flickering reduction, solving three-phase imbalance, etc. Currently, there are mainly two kinds of equipment for var compensation and harmonic suppression. One is passive power filter. This equipment has functions of both var compensation and voltage regulation. It is often specially designed according to the parameters of the harmonic source, electrical characteristics of the mounting points, and the requirements of the users. Another is static var compensator (SVC). This var compensation device is able to comprehensively control voltage fluctuation and flicker, harmonics, as well as voltage unbalance.

Related Names
Reactive Power Compensation Device | Power Factor Correction Unit | Electrical Compensator

    1. TK-FC High Voltage Dynamic Var CompensatorIt is connected in parallel with the harmonic source during running. In addition to filtering, it also achieves the purposes of reactive power compensation and voltage regulation. Due to the features of reasonable price, high practicability, simple structure, reliable running, and convenient maintenance
    1. TK-SVC(MCR) High Voltage Dynamic Var CompensatorAdopting auto DC excitation and magnetic saturation technologies, our MCR type high voltage dynamic var compensator enjoys low active loss, fast response, and reduced harmonic. Through changing the trigger angle of the thyristor in the MCR excitation system, the flux saturation level of the iron core can be changed, thus achieving the purpose of changing the reactive power output by the magnetically controlled reactor.
    1. TK-SVC(TCR) High Voltage Dynamic Var CompensatorIt supplies reactive current to the electric arc furnace quickly and stabilizes the grid voltage. This can increase the output of active power, improve production efficiency, and minimizes the impact of flickering.
    1. TK-SVG High Voltage Dynamic Var CompensatorOur reactive power compensation device does not change the impedance distribution of the power system, which is safe and stable.
      The product can supply active power within a certain range so as to reduce the impact of active power.
    1. TK-TBBZ High Voltage Var Compensation Capacitor BanksThrough the comprehensive judgment of the grid voltage and power factor, it can control the automatic on load voltage regulation of the two main transformers and control the switching of the var compensation capacitor of the two bus sections at the same time, so as to balance system voltage, improve power factor, reduce line loss
    1. TK-TBB High Voltage Var Compensation Shunt Capacitor BanksIt is allowed to run at steady-state overcurrent, caused by overvoltage and high harmonics, with the effective value of 1.3 times the rated current.
      Equipped with non-rekindling circuit breaker, zinc oxide surge arresters, and series reactor, our product is able to limit the over-voltage, high-order harmonic and surge effectively.