High Voltage Capacitor

The high voltage capacitor is composed of a cylindrical body, flat cap or hemispherical head, sealing elements, and some accessories.

Related Names
Mechanical Capacitor | Industrial Safety Supply | Power Compensation Capacitor

    1. High Voltage Shunt Capacitor BanksOur product is allowed to run at the steady-state overcurrent, the root mean square of which is 1.3 times the rated current, caused by high harmonics and steady-state overvoltage. For the capacitor whose capacitance has the largest positive deviation, the steady-state overcurrent is allowed to reach
    1. High Voltage AC Filter CapacitorThe high voltage AC filter capacitor is suitable for connection with other devices, such as reactor and resistor, to form an AC filter. This filter can then be connected to a power system with the rated frequency of 50 or 60 Hz and the rated voltage of 1kV or higher. It can provide low impedance path to one or several kinds of harmonic current and thus reduce network harmonic levels and improve the power factor.