RMU / Ring Main Unit

The ring main unit or RMU is an electrical device that combines a set of high-voltage switches. These switches are either placed into a steel cabinet or made into assembled interval-type ring network power supply units. The core part of a RMU is the load switch and the fuse. It has many advantages, such as simple structure, small volume, low price, safe power supplying, as well as improvable supply parameters and performance. It is widely used in the power distribution stations and box-type substations in the load centers like factories, urban residential areas, etc.

Related Names
Circuit Breaker Boxes | Electrical Engineering Equipment | Electrical Ring Main Device

    1. XGN15-12 Air Insulated Ring Main UnitThe XGN15-12 ring main unit is a kind of compact and extensible metal-enclosed switchgear which uses SF6 circuit breaker as the main switch and air for insulation. It is characterized by simple structure, convenient installation, flexible operation, and reliable interlocking.
    1. XGN6A-12 Gas Insulated Ring Main UnitOur gas insulated ring main unit conforms to the standards of IEC60298, IEC60694, IEC60056, IEC60420, and GB3906. With a fully insulated, fully sealed structure, it is free from the impacts of climate and environment. In addition, it is easy to install and flexible to combine and it is maintenance-free. It is suitable for installation in a box-type substation.