Low Voltage Switchgear

The low voltage switchgear is used for electric power transmission, distribution and conversion in oil, chemical, metallurgy, textile, and many other industries. It conforms to the standard of GB7251.1-2005 "Low Voltage Switchgear", identical with IEC60439-1 1999.

Related Names
Low Voltage Electrical Device | Power Distribution Box | Electrical Switchgear

    1. GCS Drawout Low Voltage SwitchgearThis drawout low voltage switchgear is used for electric power distribution, conversion and control as well as reactive power compensation in the supply and distribution systems with the rated frequency of AC 50 or 60 Hz, rated working voltage no more than 660 V and the rated current less than 6300 A. It has been widely applied in many fields, like oil, construction, metallurgy, electric power, chemical engineering, and so on.
    1. GGD AC Low Voltage Distribution SwitchgearOur GGD AC low voltage distribution switchgear conforms to the IEC439 "Low-Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies" and the GB7251-2005 "Low-Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment". It features high breaking capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, novel and reasonable structure, sound electrical program, strong applicability, etc.
    1. MNS-II Drawout Low Voltage SwitchgearOur product meets the requirements of such low voltage electrical standards as IEC60439-1, BSEN60439-1, KE0660-500, UTE63-410, GB7251.1, JB/T9661, etc. Its housing protection class is in line with the standards of IEC60529 and GB4208.
    1. TKHD1 Low Voltage Distribution Switchgear for Nuclear Power StationIn addition to the characteristics of conventional products, our product has made breakthrough in the aspects of seismic resistance and aging resistance. The service life of the cabinet body and the components is 40 and 20 years respectively. Under earthquake load and specified accident environmental conditions