Medium Voltage Switchgear

The medium voltage switchgear is used for receiving and then distributing electric power to auxiliary equipment in the power plant. It provides the auxiliary equipment with control, measurement, protection, and other functions.

Related Names
Industrial Electric Equipment | Electric Power System | Medium Voltage Switchgear

    1. 12KV Metal-enclosed Drawout SwitchgearThis product is mainly used for the monitoring, control, and protection of power transmission in power plants, power distribution in industrial and mining enterprises, power receiving in secondary substation, and starting of large high voltage motors.
    1. 12kV Switchgear for Nuclear Power StationThe TKHD2 12kV switchgear is developed for the nuclear power systems with power no more than one million kilowatts. It is mainly used to supply electricity to emergency equipment in the nuclear power plant, and it can also be used for non-safety-grade nuclear power systems.
    1. Fixed AC Metal-enclosed SwitchgearThis product uses the ZN28A-12 vacuum circuit breaker as the main switch and this main switch can be equipped with the CD10II electromagnetic mechanism or the CT8I or CT19B spring operating mechanism. ZN65A-12 and VS series of vacuum circuit breakers can also be adopted.