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40.5kV High Voltage Switchgear

1. Product Overview
The KYN61-40.5 high voltage switchgear is used for receiving and distributing electric power. Its main switch is ZN28A-12 vacuum circuit breaker which can be coupled with the CD10II electromagnetic mechanism or the CT8I or CT19B spring operating mechanism. The ZN65A-12 and VS types of vacuum circuit breaker can also be used. In addition, the GN30-10 rotary disconnector is adopted.

Our high voltage switchgear conforms to the national standard of GB3906-1991 and the international standard of IEC298. Its protection class reaches IP2X and it has outstanding blocking functions.

2. Service Conditions
Ambient temperature -10℃~+40℃
Altitude ≤1000
Relative humidity Daily average ≤ 95%
Monthly average ≤ 90%
Seismic intensity ≤ Mercalli VIII
There is no corrosive or flammable gas or other obvious pollution at the installation site.

Note: If the product is to be used in areas with conditions exceeding the normal ones, users should discuss with us for solutions.

3. Technical Parameters
Item Unit Data
Rated voltage KV 40.5
Rated frequency Hz 50
Rated current A 1250, 1600, 2000
Power frequency withstand voltage Primary loop KV 95
Control loop V 2000
Lightning impulse withstand voltage KV 185
Rated breaking current (rms) KA 25, 31.5
Rated dynamic stability current (peak) KA 63, 80
Rated 4s thermal stability current (rms) KA 25, 31.5
Rated voltage of auxiliary control circuit V DC110,DC220,AC110,AC220
Protection class IP3X
Equipped with Taikai ZN85 vacuum circuit breaker mm 1200(1400) × 2600(2800) × 2600
Equipped with Schneider SF1/SF2 type SF6 circuit breaker mm 1200(1400) × 2800 × 2600

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