The transformer is a kind of static electrical equipment. It is used to turn some AC voltage or current into other one or several kinds of voltage or current with the same frequency. When the alternating current is applied to the primary winding, a varying magnetic flux is produced. Then, under the action of the iron core, a varying electromotive force is induced in the secondary winding. The magnitude of the induced electromotive force is related to the number of primary and secondary windings, i.e., the voltage is proportional to the winding turns.

The main function of the transformer is to transmit electric power.

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    1. 10~35kV Oil Immersed Distribution TransformerMade of new materials by advanced technology, this optimally designed product enjoys high electric strength, mechanical strength, and heat dissipation capacity. And it meets the standards of GB1094.1~2-1996, GB1094.3~4-2003, and GB/T6451-1999.
    1. 10~220kV Rectifier Transformer Data of the secondary voltage on line side and the voltage on valve side are for reference. They can be determined according to user requirements.
      The pulse number of single piece of rectifier transformer is 12. Other numbers, such as 24, 36, 48, and 72, can also be obtained as per user request.
    1. 10~750kV Oil Immersed Power TransformerIn the above model, O denotes auto (omitted for ordinary transformer); S means three phases (D for single phase); F stands for forced air cooling (omitted for natural air cooling); P means forced oil circulating (omitted for natural oil circulating); S denotes three windings (omitted for double winding); Z means on-load tap changing (omitted for no excitation voltage regulation); 10 is the loss level code (omitted under special circumstances); 120000 is the capacity value
    1. 35kV Furnace TransformerOur company provides several types of 35kV furnace transformer, including mineral thermal furnace type, electro furnace type, arc furnace type, and steel furnace type. These products are used as the power source in the furnace welding plants. Their features include low secondary voltage, big current, certain overload capacity, and large mechanical force.
    1. 765kV Ultra High Voltage TransformerThe coil is set with axial and transverse oil passages to ensure good heat dissipation of the windings and reduce temperature rise of the coil. The two columns with high voltage winding and low voltage winding are connected in series, and the two columns with medium voltage windings are connected in parallel. This can reduce the transport dimensions of the transformer.
    1. Dry Type Amorphous Metal Core TransformerThis product is characterized by low no-load loss, no oil, flame retardance, moisture resistance, crack resistance, and maintenance free. It can be used to replace the ordinary dry type transformer in various places, such as high-rise buildings, business center, subway, airport, station, industrial and mining enterprises, as well as power plants.
    1. Dry Type Voltage Regulating TransformerThe existing load transformers all adopt step voltage regulation. For the voltage level of 10kV, the regulation range is -10% to +10% of the rated voltage. There are generally nine levels. Voltage regulation range can be designed according to user requirements, but the maximum does not exceed 20% of the rated voltage.
    1. Dry Type TransformerWhen burning at 800℃ for a long term, it produces no toxic smog. Its superiority is more pronounced when used in occasions with high safety requirements, hot and damp environment, and poor ventilation in the electric power industry, chemical industry, ship industry, etc.
    1. Dry Type Cast Resin TransformerAccording to different service environment, this product can be equipped with housing with different protection grades or equipped with no housing. It is suitable for use in important or special places, such as airports, tunnels, business centers, chemical plants, nuclear power stations, etc.