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10~750kV Oil Immersed Power Transformer

The 10~750kV oil immersed power transformer is used in the agricultural and industrial transmission and transformation systems with the rated frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz. It conforms to the standards of IEC60076, GB1094.1.2-1996, and GB1094. 3.5-2003.

1. Model Description
Take an auto, three-phase, OLTC, forced air cooling, forced oil circulating, three-winding transformer with the capacity of 120,000kVA and nominal voltage of 220kV for example, its model is defined as OSFPSZ10-120000/220.

In the above model, O denotes auto (omitted for ordinary transformer); S means three phases (D for single phase); F stands for forced air cooling (omitted for natural air cooling); P means forced oil circulating (omitted for natural oil circulating); S denotes three windings (omitted for double winding); Z means on-load tap changing (omitted for no excitation voltage regulation); 10 is the loss level code (omitted under special circumstances); 120000 is the capacity value and the unit is kVA; 220 is the value of the system nominal voltage on high voltage side and the unit is kV.

2. Service and Installation Conditions
Elevation ≤1000m
Ambient temperature -25℃~+40℃
Max. monthly average temperature: +30℃
Max. annual average temperature: +20℃
Power source Approximate sine wave; three phases are almost symmetrical
Installation site Indoor or outdoor, no significant environmental contamination

Remark: Customers should inform us while ordering if the transformers are used under special conditions.

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